How to install Mint Service Desk?

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Step 1. Install Docker

The following instructions will help you to install and setup MINT Service Desk in your server.

Please check the following links to setup Docker in your MINT SD server. You need to create an account (DockerID) in order to download Docker and then follow the steps of the Docker installation guide.

Please remember that Docker Compose is needed for Mint Service Desk installation. In Windows it is included in Docker installer file by default, but in Linux you have to manually install it (depending on your Linux distribution this can change):

sudo apt-get install docker-compose

Step 2. Download latest Mint Service Desk package.

After Docker is ready, you need to download MINT Service Desk.

Extract the package you downloaded and proceed to the next step.

Step 3. Run installation script and follow the instructions.

Once it's done all you need to do is to run a command:


and follow the instructions.

Step 4. First login

Type your previously defined Mint Web Client URL on your web browser and login with the default admin account credentials (remember to change it):

Login: admin

Password: admin1

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