97%, unable to access outside of local server


I followed directions and have a few issues. I am running ubuntu 20.04. I installed docker method. The mintsd site comes up ok on the server. However, it is not accessible outside of the server, only on the server. If you try to access outside the server, I see the icon spin, then it fades away and nothing happens.

The other issue I have is I am trying to get through the setup on the site. I have everything done except change the admin account password. I tried changing it a few times and it takes a new password, but no matter what it says 97% finished and won't get past the resetting of the admin account password.

Thank you


  • Hi there,

    I'm pretty new to MintSD but already loving it :)

    +1 for the question above. Should anything else be opened outside than port 443 to connect ?

  • 97% is a bug. In a new version, it should be fixed. I think you can check out https://docs.mintsd.com

    New updated documentation is available there. Enerdo - thank you for a good word :)

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